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May 10, 2013


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So it's about time I did another feature.  : D  Since I've been on a major Legend of Zelda kick, I wanted to find all sorts of stocks that would work well for Legend of Zelda pics!  : D  (Hey that rhymed.  Sort of.)  First I will show off the pics I myself have used for LoZ artwork, then we'll get into other awesome stuff.  Ready?  Enjoy!  

And remember to read and conform to the stockers' rules C:

Oh and I'd love to see what you make from these!

So these ones I have used.  I have shown the artwork and the stock pic both side by side.  I actually used two pics for that first one but one of them has disappeared.  D:  Same with the second one, it's in storage.  (It's the same pic LOL)  But if you click on the deviation of the second one, the thumb still shows up in the artist comments for some reason.  

Jade Some Kind of Sword Pack 1 - Pose Reference by SenshiStockWisdom, Power, and Courage by hyenacub   The Archer by auroradreamsSurprise Attack by hyenacub    
Monkeyman Deceased 2 by OsorrisStockDead? - 20 by hyenacub  Black Cape - Morgan by SBG-CrewStockHandful of Light by hyenacub

So now that you have seen some stock in action, let's find some more.


Actual Legend of Zelda stock:

Link boy by Chylde-StockOcarina Of Time Replica 2 by MiiyamotoZelda Stock by Reine-Haru:thumb339092286:Link11 by faestockLink21 by faestock:thumb104259889:Malon 5 by faestockNabooru - 7 by Chrishankhah-STOCK:thumb175748440:Master Sword by InnerSakura27Demise Master Sword by FalconssjMaster Sword and Shield shot 1 by gordon1Majora's Mask (1st variation) by Falconssj

Swords and Swordsmen:

swordsman I action pack by syccas-stockswordsman example by syccas-stock:thumb180010806:Viking by A-StockSwordfight 4 by syccas-stockFire Sword fusion bellydance by aliceinflamesSword pose stock 9 by Random-Acts-Stockwarrior stock 05 by Ulvar-StockOne Knight Stand 19 by AilinStock

Ninja Zoe by M-SkirvinChild Warrior w Smirk by WarriorNGoddessKid Sword fighter by Mutated-StockSquire Stock 5 by Aethergoggles-StockAction stock5 by DemoncherryStockNinja Monkey12 by newdystock

Male Holding Sword Reference - 1 by Zellykats-StuffFantasy Sword 1 by Dracoart-StockStrider's Sword by lockstockDaggerStock1 by AshenSorrow


Robin Hood 10 by syccas-stockHorseback Archer 7 by syccas-stockHorseback Archer 17 by syccas-stockArcher in the wilderness 2 by syccas-stockHungarian Archer 17 by syccas-stockNude Archer Sculpture Back by FelixdeonArcher's Longbow 9 by syccas-stockIn My Sights by JoyfulStockShinobi - J - 29 by mjranum-stock

Little Archer - boy by PridipdiyorenBoy Archer by chenoasart-stockArrow Stock 1 by Pyre-GlyphNative American Indian 18 by DamselStock

Villains and Enemies

A Bit of Madness 6 by 9thPlanetStockHero Or Villain Stock 2of3 by skydancer-stockScarecrow 2 by Altaria13-Stock01.06.12 048 by Awdi-stockBlack Warror IV by MD-ArtsDark Wizard 16 by AilinStockMask 007 by MonsterBrand-stock

Nevianaar - Stock Creature Art Sample by CloisterNightmare Smile Dog Resource/Stock by dimelotuLatex Heads 2 by kimmy-k-stockMr.Widemouth Resource/Stock by dimelotu:thumb369035534:Venus flytrap. by Regenstock

Other Poses/Weapons (finding boomerang/clawshot/etc. type poses isn't easy.  You'll have to use your imagination for some of these :XD: )

boy horse by VioletBreezeStockthrowing stock by DemoncherryStock1d6 damage by krispykrittaJump9 by newdystockBeach Day VII by Eirian-stockTreasure Hunter-35 by Nemesis-19Desert Eagle 4 by KungFuStockMale Stock 99 by birdsistersstockSmall Jump by Sunshine114Ari's Run 42 by AilinStockWall Kick 1 by Sunshine114racing by NikiljuiceStockmv1_v_j_4 by jademacallaAngler - Big Fish by Eirian-stock

Princesses and Maidens:

Pink Elven 2 by kirileeRoyal Lady 13 by kirileecharger 15 by magikstock:thumb370811709:Desert Dancer - J - 2 by mjranum-stockDesert III - Sword by BlooDoveStockElven Princess 2 by mizzd-stockLeap of Faith by intergalacticstockNatures Lore 04 by Elandria

Jodi Peasant Girl Crouching by FantasyStockLuna blue dress 7 by Armathor-StockPrincess In Red Stock 2 by MoraNox-StockBlue Dress Lexi 26 by Falln-StockLantern2 by astrals-stockVeiled 7 by SBG-CrewStockSpring Summer 73 by SBG-CrewStockConfused Princess 14082602 by StockProject1651 by SimplyMurdersStock


Glowing ball 2 by Sinned-angel-stockGlow Texture Set by AxellPiecesBlue Fairy Wings by JinxMimLittle Fairy_21 by anastasiya-landaLily Fairy 2 by mastersphotographyCallifairy5 by laceybug35Fae in Black 6 by SBG-CrewStockPastel 9 by SBG-CrewStockPixie - Fairy Brushes by redheadstockMagic Fairy free file by moonchild-ljiljaFairy Green by BlackDragynStockModeling My Fairy Wings And Dress I Made by nikkilipstick:thumb363459879:Magic Jar with fairy dust by tamaraR-stock


Ocarina 2 by hyenacub-stockOcarina 1 by hyenacub-stockGRANNYS BOTTLE by GRANNYSATTICSTOCKHeart bottle stock by LostfinielHeart-Shaped Rock by speedyfearlessHeart Stock by SilaynneStockQuartz Heart Stock by XerStockLantern-Stock by Thorvold-StockRailroad Lantern by DonDiegoVegaIce cavern stock - Premade background by YaensArtgreen mushroom by blaisedrew62Horn by hyenacub-stockLantern 2 by hyenacub-stockYe Olde Stock - Compass by Pau-NorontausOld broken compass 3 by AnnBehemotikTreasure Map stock by Rennis05


Red roan draft 1 by shi-stockchestnut saddlebred 1 by venomxbabychestnut foal by blue-horse-stockbay overo arabian and foal 1 by venomxbabyBonnie 7 by shi-stockstock 72 by LimitofgoldEpona resource picture by Serafinellythoroughbred cross - roll II - stock by s-uperflu0usRed cat in La Valetta by Painshadowscat by consideritfoxFeral farm cat stock by pookyhorsePNG Wolf by ITSDuraGray Wolf 5 by SalsolaStockGrumpy by WinceyEastern wolf 26 by djkbFemale Wolf howling stock by thiselectricheartShoebill by JollyStockShoebill II by ParidesShoebill I by ParidesCrane flying by iisjahstockHeron Silhouette Pack by Della-Stock


Oh, and check out my main account: hyenacub  :boogie:


PS - always download for full-sized versions. C:

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